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In response to a ‘brief’ from Kelloggs Canada asking our team to help Frosted Flakes connect with young consumers and female heads-of-household through hockey, Michael and his colleagues helped create a program that was recognized globally within the Kelloggs world for its impact in building sales and brand equity.

NHL MVP’s Joe Thornton and Martin St. Louis were recruited to teach kids basic skills; first through an in-box DVD program (2007) and then through web content tied to in-box pin codes (2008).

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To cater to a younger target consumers, HPM produced “driveway drills” which would give kids a chance to learn and practice skills with nothing more than a stick and ball.
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Joe and Marty were reigning NHL Most Valuable Players.  This enabled the brand to exploit the intellectual property value of the MVP theme.

The trade embraced the promotion with enthusiasm.  Key retailers offered off-shelf display space that is a key to increasing sales within the grocery channel.

Frosted Flakes MVP Hockey Ad

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